Biodiverse, edible and urban landscape designs are our specialty. Our designs range from small space container gardens to vast landscapes, which can include masonry, hardscaping, ponds, chicken coops and greenhouses. Sprout does it all!


We use high quality, solid metal fixtures and LED bulbs on low voltage systems for weather and energy efficiency. We can also create seasonal, ambiance and event lighting.

Masonry & Stone Work

At Sprout we design and install stone work to compliment your garden and outdoor space. We specialize in patios, walk-ways, outdoor steps, retaining walls, garden beds and fire-pits.


We install Sprout created designs as well as outside architectural generated plans. We use sustainable, recycled and biodegradable materials whenever possible. Plants and materials are locally sourced unless otherwise specified by the client. Project plans are customized based on client time frame and budget.


We can enhance your event space with plantscape design, providing green foliage for a vibrant and luscious back drop. We can also create unique green favors or centerpieces for your special event.

Vegetable Gardens

At Sprout we help families grow and harvest their own vegetables in small urban spaces or suburban backyards. Our installations range from container gardens to greenhouses to backyard crops.


At Sprout we specialize in drip irrigation systems which target locations to minimize water waste and optimize plant growth. We also do seasonal turn-ons and turn-offs, as well as maintenance for systems we have built.

Seasonal Planting, Décor, Winterization

We provide annual plantings to enhance the beauty of your garden throughout the seasons - including Thanksgiving or Christmas décor and lighting. We can also winterize your garden for preservation during the harsh weather months.

Fairy Gardens

At Sprout we specialize in the creation of small wonders (miniature gardens) for the fairy enthusiast. A fairy garden is a unique way to fill a small space or a create an outdoor play area for your children.

Living spaces with aesthetics, sustainability, and biodiversity in mind.


Living spaces with aesthetics, sustainability, and biodiversity in mind.